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Ratnaswamy Jeyakumaran


I began tutoring mathematics in my undergraduate college’s walk-in math clinic. Then and ever since, I have been a mathematics educator. I have learned much from my experiences and from interaction with other educators. I have concluded that mathematics is best learned as an active process. This notion dominates my teaching style.

I work hard at getting my students to participate in problem solving and exposition. I will often pause and ask “what should I do next?” or “any suggestions?”   I still believe that the well organized “definition, theorem, proof, example” approach has an important role. I therefore strongly encourage my students to read the text. I also implore them to read the text actively, with paper and pencil in hand.

I present concepts from different sides and then attempt to show how those views are connected. In particular, I attempt to compare and contrast the algebraic, geometrical and numerical aspects of the ideas studied in class.  My experience is that once students have a proper appreciation of the meanings of the terms “function”, “derivative”, “slope” etc., more advanced topics can be learned much faster than in traditional courses. This fall, a student came to me and said, “I had calculus in high school, but it was nothing like this; you make us understand it.” I cannot think of a better endorsement.

I used a variety of different teaching styles this term including handouts, slide shows, group workshop sessions 5 and document camera type lectures. I wanted to test alternate teaching methods this term to compare their overall effectiveness.

My teaching experience continues to grow and bring rewards. It is because of the positive experiences I have had that I look forward to continued teaching in an academic environment. I plan to continue implementing the positive aspects of my own return to school into the classroom. This is a process I have received many positive reviews and enjoy thoroughly. In the long-term, I plan to expand my activities to improve teaching through the participation in teaching enhancement workshops.


Nayeb Qureshi


I completed my undergraduate degree at Ryerson University with a major in Information Technology. After graduating with a Bachelor of Education from OISE in the intermediate and senior divisions and is now an Ontario Certified Teacher. I have extensive classroom experience in both private and public sectors and ten years of tutoring experience with one on one mentoring. Overall, I have been tutoring math at different grades and understand different learning barriers students face when understanding a math problems.


Mian Shah


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mr. Mian Shah . I have over a decade of teaching experience with students of all ages. I am immensely excited for us to start a new year together. May it be full of love, laughter, and meaningful learning. As an educator, my philosophy revolves around student engagement and inclusiveness. In other words, I am dedicated to providing all of my students with meaningful learning experiences in a welcoming learning environment. That means that everyone gets a seat at the table. An open, vibrant learning community is part of who we are.

Outside of school, my hobbies include reading, hiking, camping and travelling. Along with my wife, we love to enjoy barbecues in open air and make a habit of visiting parks such as Banff and Lake Louise in Alberta, Lake Detroit in North Dakota, and Lake Okanagan in BC.

I am very excited to cooperate with everyone this year with the purpose of ensuring a successful year for everyone. I anticipate an exciting year for everyone filled with cooperation, inquiry, and nediscoveries.

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