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Final Exam Guide

How does the final exam work?

All exams with ICE are closed-book and completed online under the supervision of an appropriate Proctoring. This can be done through two ways.

1. Student will need to a find a proctor to supervise the exam. If a student is findings his or her own Proctor. Proctor Approval Application must be submitted to the office two weeks in advance of the intended exam date. The application is then reviewed by Exams administrator and the student is notifies when the proctor has been approved and/or if ICE will require more information on the Proctor. Once approved, the Proctor is sent a memorandum indicating the exam procedure as well as the exam password via email. The proctor and the student are responsible for understanding the exam procedures and protocol. In order to ensure the integrity and security of the final exam, the proctor must meet the following criteria in order to be considered for approval.

     a. Must have a professional university degree or college designation

     b. Must provide a non-generic business email address for correspondence purpose

     c. Must not be family member

     d. Must not be a student at any level of study

     e. Must not be tutor

2.Online Method – TBD


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